We would love to help him/her !!

We have been assisting learners to achieve their full potential in Numeracy and Literacy for over 17 years by providing learning through Interactive Tutorials, Fun Activities and Testing long before we even launched our learning centre format.

Our sound pedagogical approach to instruction creates a vibrant and interesting environment for our learner. 

On average it allows students to improve 1 to 2.5 grade levels in less than 6 months.

We specialize in assisting students of all levels of ability from Kindergarten (Grade R) to Grade 12 in Mathematics as well as Language Arts.

With our Maths and English Programmes students start at their own, individually set, starting point and move through the levels at their own pace.

Students work independently on a multimedia program with interactive tutorials, problem solving, activities, explorations and fun exercises.

The multimedia program provides various tools (glossary, and journal), assessment components and student tracking to confirm learner progress.

This process and the interactive tutorials with show answer function ensures that each learner fully understands the current topic before moving on to the next topic!

This way we build a strong foundation in the way they study, including developing pace, concentration and rhythm. They learn to correct their own mistakes (thanks to the built in mark, show answer and explain function of our software), further increasing their ability to solve new problems, as they smoothly progress to higher-level work beyond their school level while all activity is recorded and results stored for reference.

Through completion of advanced work we are able to maximise each student’s ability and begin to realise their true potential. Our students develop life-long study skills and a passion for learning, equipping them for a successful future.

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