When new candidates for an IQ Smart Assisted Maths and Language Centre Licensed Owner approaches us the strongest candidates normally share an interesting search for meaning!

These candidates want something more meaningful and more impactful than money gained through the sale of goods widgets in the marketplace – i.e.. coffee, tires, fast service meals, etc. 

They want a business opportunity with heart!

Often the candidates who approach us have re-evaluated their situation after having worked in other industries where a lack of fulfillment combined with long hours have eventually led them to rethink their priorities in life – a kind of pause-and-think moment.




Some candidates approach us who have already been engaged in a in a helping profession, perhaps even as former or current teachers in the public or private system.

These candidate usually already knows the unmatched fulfillment of helping kids succeed and now wants to combine that satisfaction with a daily work schedule and work/life balance where they are in control of their own destinies and are rewarded by being in control of their own destiny and income potential. Emotional return on investment combined with Financial return on investment.

The IQ Smart system is a proven and time tested assisted learning concept with a track record of 17+ years of success in the South African marketplace, as tens of thousands of students across the country who have been the beneficiary of better grades and confidence can attest.

What drives us in this business is helping students realize their full potential. We want partners equally as passionate about this aspect of running an IQ Smart Assisted Maths and Language Centre.

Candidates with the drive and commitment to excellence and success that will make their IQ Smart Assisted Maths and Language Centre a runaway financial success as well! Success in both areas – pedagogy and profitability.

If you feel inspired by the prospect of making the world a better place, one student at a time, you are the kind of candidate we want to speak to.

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