These days one of the most important devices you can use to help you with your life is a smartphone.

There is so much that we can do with a smartphone and so many different ways in which they play a key role in our life.

They enhance and advance our working life and personal life as they can be used like a miniature laptop. This means that you can live so much of your day to day lifestyle on the move.

But learning to write/develop android mobile apps programming code is time consuming and quite difficult, isn't it? 

Not anymore! No code programming required!    

Using the IQ Smart Assisted Learning App developer platform you can literally build your first Mobi Website or iPhone and Android app in a few weeks using an easy to use drag and drop interface that allows you to create your own iPhone and Android apps. No previous experience required!

Why is this course so awesome?

You’ll create your first app in a few weeks with no technical expertise! 

In this course you’ll learn:

  • The technical side of app building
  • The creative design process and how to quickly and easily get your app ready for any iPhone and Android App marketplace, including Google Play. 

You will have access to our IQ Smart Assisted Learning App Platform which is an app creation software. Our online App Developer software together with our Learning Centre tutoring will teach you everything from how to access and navigate IQ Smart Assisted Learning App platform to publishing your first app to the iPhone and Android Market. With our Developer Software you will have access to is a slick drag and drop interface that takes the mystery out of app building. 

So what exactly will I learn?

You’ll start by accessing our IQ Smart Assisted Learning App platform, learning how it works and learning to work with the IQ Smart Assisted Learning App files. You’ll then learn to create your own iPhone and Android Apps as well as Mobi Websites, starting from simple and gradually getting more sophisticated to eventually designing an App (with our guidance) for a Local Business who could be your first paying customer for the App you have developed!. We will assist to properly prepare and submit your iPhone and Android Apps to marketplaces like Google Play. 

You could learn how to make many kinds of apps such as:        

  • Virtual Tour Apps
  • Apps for Businesses
  • Apps for Events/Conferences
  • Personal Business Cards
  • Fun Game Apps
  • GPS-Based Apps
  • Apps for Kids
  • SMS/Texting Apps
  • Twitter Apps
  • QR Code Apps
  • Apps With Databases

Can I sell the apps I learn to create on the market?

Absolutely! Thousands are already selling their apps online and you can too. All you need is an idea for an app and this course to make your dream a reality. 

Course features in a nutshell:

  • 10 hours of tutoring assistance at one of our IQ Smart Assistant Learning centres PLUS access to SO MANY additional tutorials and apps to build.
  • Learn to build your own unique iPhone and Android apps
  • Learn how to upload apps to the iPhone and Android market
  • Receive over 500  developer icons for your apps
  • Get 12 month access to all course material and the IQ Smart Assisted Learning App platform.
  • Learn along with fun, community activities while developing as many apps as you would like to.

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