With our 17 years of experience and proven approach, you can count on us to provide your child with the personalized help that they need to meet their specific needs.

Our English product focuses on promoting learning through interactive tutorials, fun activities and testing.

This multimedia program provides a sound pedagogical approach to language instruction creating a vibrant and interesting environment for our learners to master the English language.

Reading, writing, speaking, listening and media literacy are presented in authentic contexts that engage the learners.

Our English program caters to students from Grade R to Grade 8. Assistance is also offered to students in Grades 9 and 10 whose first language is not English.



We have good news for you to help your child’s Maths abilities to soar …

IQ SMART has a proven track record and decades of experience helping students.

Our Mathematics product has been honed and perfected over 17 years by an international team of education experts at a cost of over R10 million rand. It has helped thousands of students on many continents to excel in Maths and leave their academic difficulties behind them.

Is time to do the same for your child?



We know that the relationship between a student and a tutor is KEY to supporting the learning process and plays a decisive role in how well a student learns. By hiring exemplary tutors we aim to provide the best student-tutor feedback loop possible. Our tutors are carefully screened qualified teachers, graduates, university tudents or experts in the fields of Mathematics and English and then trained in the IQ SMART methodology. 

Our unique learning approach gives our students access to a tutor as and when needed but also a "Private Tutor" available 24/7 in your home. 

Unlike the in the classroom environment your child will work on acustomized curriculum in private workstations at the IQ Smart Assisted Learning Centre as well as have the program available at home 24/7, which eliminates all distractions and peer pressure. 


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