Step 1: Establish your child’s baseline!

For example, your child might be doing Grade 7 level Maths at school, but his/her abilities in Maths could be quite different.

She/he might actually be operating at a Grade 5 grade level, overall, yet could be at a Grade 7 level in Numbers & Operations, a Grade 6 level in Measurement, and a Grade 5 level in Algebra etc.

This is what we call establishing your child’s baseline!




Step 2: Apply the Building Block Principle

Once you know your child’s age and grade level in every sub-area of a subject, you also know where your child currently has knowledge gaps. Any area where your child has an ability level beneath his/her current grade level represents a knowledge gap.

This is where understanding and applying the Building Block Principle becomes critical. In math, English, and Reading, knowledge is built in layers, like layers of bricks built on top of each other, with each layer representing more advanced concepts that “build on” the more basic concepts beneath them.

When there is a knowledge gap, more advanced material cannot be properly built on top of it in that particular sub-area, and grades will start to suffer in that area, and only get worse over time as the gaps grow larger each year. These gaps must be filled for grades and confidence to improve.


Step 3: Create a Custom Tailored Learning Plan

This is where Step 1 and Step 2 come together.

Once you have established your child’s baseline age and grade level in every sub-area of a subject THEN you can constructively build a “specific, custom tailored plan” to fill in all of your child’s “knowledge gaps” and also further accelerate learning in those areas she/he is already strong in.

The end result is that grades and confidence will soar!

Finally, as your child's tutoring progresses through the plan, we continually evaluate and adjust the learning plan through the use of our interactive learning software both in the comfort of your own home and  at our learning Centre premises ensuring a Comprehensive 24/7 Learning Solution!



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